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Best Toner Cartridge For Your Printer

What is the printer's toner cartridge?

1, what is the cartridge?

Brother Toner cartridges are generally made of aluminum basic substrate, and the substrate coated with the photosensitive material composition, determines the quality of the print quality is good or bad. Because in the laser printer, more than 70% of the imaging components concentrated in the cartridge, so in fact the quality of the print quality is largely determined by the cartridge.

The most critical part of the laser printer is the drum (drum). Toner model refers to the printer can use the cartridge model, under normal circumstances, will use the manufacturer recommended with the printer to match the cartridge model, different models unless the second fill use, otherwise can not be used.

 Different brands or the use of different printers, the drum structure and its classification will be different, the general cartridge (integrated) will basically include the following components, and split drum (also known as drum toner cartridge) is Only the following parts are components.

2, the composition of the cartridge structure

    Drum core: through the aluminum tube surface coated with photosensitive conductive semiconductor material is formed, is the heart of the cartridge, the other components to it as the center. After charging, exposure, development, the surface to form a visible toner image.

    Toner: is directly attached to the printing medium on the attachment, different types of toner can not be universal.

    Powder warehouse: used to install the toner warehouse, part of the powder warehouse has a stirrer to ensure the smooth delivery of toner.

    Waste warehouse: warehouse used to fill waste powder. The toner image formed on the surface of the photosensitive drum can not be 100% transferred to the print medium, a part of the surface of the photosensitive drum, before the next imaging, clean the scraper to scrap it, collected in the waste toner box.

    Clean the scraper: lean on the photosensitive drum, the photosensitive drum surface is not transferred to remove the residual toner clean, clean scraper by the metal frame and polyurethane blade composition.

    A powder blade consisting of a metal frame and a polyester blade. It evenly controls the amount of toner on the surface of the stick and fires the toner.

    Charge roller: Eliminates the residual potential on the drum and is responsible for the cylinder consisting of metal shaft and conductive rubber.

    Magnetic roller: consists of core and magnetic cover and its accessories. In the development process, it will attract its surface toner, under the control of the powder knife, the formation of a specific thickness of the carbon layer, and the toner with a certain amount of triboelectric charge. Through the magnetic roller on the role of the development bias, making the charged toner "beating".

    Transfer roller: The transfer roller is located on the other side of the printing paper, so that the brother tn660 toner on the drum is transferred to the paper because it is applied with a voltage opposite to that of the toner.

    Developing roller: made of metal shaft and conductive rubber, its role is to adsorb the toner, make it live, and sent to the photosensitive drum surface, resulting in visible images.